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Web Content – 6 Free Tools to Generate Great Ideas (and all from Google)

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Creating Targeted Web Content Search Engine Journal offers rock solid ways to come up with topics for targeted content to bring the visitors you want on your site.

Check out this great article from Search Engine Journal – 6 Free Tools to Generate Great Ideas (and all from Google) | – http://bit.ly/gwaiz8

Server Headers 101 (Infographic)

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For some things a visual aid is what it takes to explain the idea in a clear manner. When it comes to server headers a visual aid is required and the site Six Revisions explains server headers and codes better than anyone else.

Including error codes and success codes so you can “see” what is happening.

Hope you find this useful.


Selecting the Best Host for Your Site

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There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a company to host your site. First, the cheapest company is not necessarily the best choice. The company and its services may be light on your wallet, but it may also be light on reliability and all-around usability. Much like buying a car or a house, you do not want to skimp on features and dependability just to save a buck or two. That being said, beware of so-called “extra” services meant to entice potential buyers. For instance, the popular phrase “unlimited bandwidth” is just a nice way of telling you that your site is going to experience a lot of down time—if they offer that service to you, they’re offering it to everyone, right? All the sites draw in a huge amount of traffic, which bogs down the hosting servers and just like that, the seemingly limitless amount of bandwidth that was previously so inviting has become another thorn in your side. Buyer beware.

Second, what you are looking for in a hosting company is the type of technology they are backing, how their customer support operates, and the length of time the server is up without interruption. Much like investing in a bank, you want to make certain that your web hosting service works with clients on an individual basis, has the latest, industry-standard technology, and has its services running consistently, without much down time.

Therefore, I recommend cPanel web as the way to go when starting your own website, for either personal or professional use. Administrative options such as single click application installation, FTP upload, data backup managers, and video tutorials are just some of the plethora of features that come standard with cPanel web hosting services. WordPress and Joomla use the cPanel system for their sites, and web hosting services such as Host Gator view it as the system of choice.

In fact, Host Gator is a preferred option when looking for a cPanel hosting service. In addition to hosting this site, Host Gator is well-known among website developers for its ease of use, friendly and informative customer support, and plethora of complimentary options, including domain registration, unlimited email accounts, and an integrated site builder. Its dependability and effectiveness really speak for themselves. When searching among the multitudes of hosting services that use cPanel for their systems, you cannot go wrong when choosing Host Gator.