is simply a site I use to share things. Back when I first purchased this domain and launched the site, it consisted of one basic page with a black background that read “BnKind” in big bold letters with a glow behind it. Just below that, in small letters, it read “there is just nothing quite like it”.

Where does the name BnKind come from?

People that have known me for any length of time shall tell you, if you want something sugar coated, then you better find yourself some donuts. If you want the harsh truth, then you are in the right place. Far too often people have told me about their self-inflicted problems, then asked for my opinion or if I had any suggestions. After hearing my answer and getting over the initial shock, I would receive numerous comments about how mean or how much of a jerk I had been for providing such a blunt and honest answer. My friends that knew me would simply smile and say “he is being kind”.

One friend in particular would refer to my response as a “know right where you are in life” conversation. I would make a big map of all the paths that the person could have taken, then put a big red dot on the one they chose. She told me many times, if I would just stop there, everything would be fine. The bad part? I would spell out the repercussions of those choices or actions. The fact that I was correct would make people angry.

I am not a mean guy, nor do I have any malicious intent. I am part of a very small majority of people that simply do the best they can from day to day. I do not believe in reassuring people that the wrong decisions they make are the correct ones, or expend any mind power towards helping them find excuses to justify their incorrect choices. Make a wrong choice and it is not a big deal. Chalk it up to experience, move on and try not to make the same wrong choice again. It does not seem that complicated to me. Making the same wrong choice over and over, while expecting a different outcome, is just a waste of the precious gift of life that has been blessed on us.

What do I enjoy doing in my spare time?

I enjoy learning as much as possible about as many things that I can, playing 8-ball and 9-ball pool in the APA league, creating Websites and whatever else happens to capture my interest that day. I highly appreciate a simple life wherein I work hard, meet my deadlines, then reward myself for that hard work by enjoying my time.

I enjoy the challenge of using as many open source or free resources possible when creating a Website. I view it as a test of my abilities and my clients LOVE it, as quite often they are only compensating me for my time spent creating a project, instead of licence fees, membership fees and support fees for software that repeatedly does not work as well as the open source projects do.

If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to click the contact link in the menu and send me your questions.